Since 1986, the Dayseaday Group has been a leading trader of fresh and frozen fish products.

The Dayseaday Group has continually expanded by means of autonomous growth and mergers both in the Netherlands and abroad, with our operations now spanning 50 countries.

Muijs seafood

Producer and supplier of North Sea products for the Dutch market-trade and retail sector

We are proud to have added Muijs Seafood as a subsidiary of the Dayseaday Group in 2016.

Originally founded as Rutger Kooij Sea Fish Wholesalers, the company was renamed several years ago after its managers Theo and Wim Muijs, two brothers with vast experience in the fish trade.

Within our collaboration, we take care of stock imports, allowing Muijs Seafood to benefit from our economies of scale. Their main products are herring, Alaska pollock, cod and mackerel (both fresh and smoked) as well as an extensive range of fresh fish (especially North Sea fish) and various types of frozen fish and fish products from all over the world.

Their highly motivated team of 20 employees mainly serves the retail sector, particularly fishmongers and mobile fish sellers. The short lines of communication and the very friendly and good-natured staff have earned Muijs Seafood a sparkling reputation in the Spakenburg area and beyond!