Since 1986, the Dayseaday Group has been a leading trader of fresh and frozen fish products.

The Dayseaday Group has continually expanded by means of autonomous growth and mergers both in the Netherlands and abroad, with our operations now spanning 50 countries.


Importer, producer and supplier of fish products specialising in the North American market

In 2021, Dayseaday Gebr. Post was taken over in full. The company was struggling with succession and with Dayseaday’s input the company hopes to move into the future.

Lub Romkes is location manager of Gebr. Post on behalf of Dayseaday. Post and is there several half days a week. The collaboration allows a wider range to be offered and Dayseaday products can find their way to Gebr’s customers. Post.

The company is based at the address Stortemelk 1 in Urk and is a production and trading company predominantly specialising in North Sea fish. It’s a genuine and committed family business that produces high-quality fish products.
Fish is prepared, sorted, filleted, and IQF frozen in our own freezing tunnel.

The company has deep-freeze storage capacity of 900 pallets. Gebr. Post’s clients are mainly wholesalers and importers/distributors with America serving as a vital market for tongue, plaice, flounder, turbot and megrim. The company, founded in 1977, employs around 20 staff and generates around 8 million euros in turnover. Gebr. Post also owns a number of strong brands such as Marinus and Prince of Urk.