Since 1986, the Dayseaday Group has been a leading trader of fresh and frozen fish products.

The Dayseaday Group has continually expanded by means of autonomous growth and mergers both in the Netherlands and abroad, with our operations now spanning 50 countries.


Importer, supplier and processor of an extensive range of frozen fish products all over the world

With Dayseaday Frozen, we are a leading trading partner in more than a hundred types of frozen (sea) fish and fish products. The most important of these are North Sea fish such as sole, plaice, squid and octopus, but also tuna and shrimp.

We import our products worldwide from countries including Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Tanzania and Chile. We also have our own sales offices in Italy, Spain and Portugal and a subsidiary in Romania.

Our company has a storage capacity of over 6,500 pallets. Every day, at our site in the Dutch town of Urk, we prepare shipments to every single European country as well as many others throughout the rest of the world. We have the MSC, ASC, IFS, HACCP certificates and also have an AEO customs permit. Within the European Union, our products are supplied by road, while products bound for non-European destinations are transported by air or sea.

Thanks to our high-quality products, our speedy service, our short lines of communication, our extensive experience and our enthusiastic staff who move mountains for our clients every day, we have built up a solid reputation in the global market.

The building on Vliestroom is being modernized considerably. Investments have also been made in, among other things, the latest Baader 581 PRO. This is an ultramodern salmon filleting machine. There is also a portioning machine and a vacuum machine purchased. By means of modern machines and an efficient way of working, we can provide our customers with fresh salmon, fillets and portions even better.

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