Since 1986, the Dayseaday Group has been a leading trader of fresh and frozen fish products.

The Dayseaday Group has continually expanded by means of autonomous growth and mergers both in the Netherlands and abroad, with our operations now spanning 50 countries.


Importer and supplier of frozen products, including many exotic species

At the end of 2014, Dayseaday BV acquired a controlling interest in Bonesca BV, a frozen produce business based on De Meer Street in Urk. The company mainly sells fish, although its product range also includes meat, poultry, vegetables and other frozen products. Its clients are mainly wholesale businesses, food service providers and catering establishments throughout Europe specialising in exotic fish products.

The company also supplies goods to shops, supermarkets and specialist food stores all over the continent. Bonesca is a major market player thanks to its extensive product range and serves around 900 active clients. Practically all of its fish is imported in bulk together with Dayseaday’s, so the company benefits from economies of scale and gains a great deal of knowledge of the market.

In the autumn of 2016, Bonesca moved to a new address in Urk (Schulpengat 9), establishing itself in an office and cold-storage unit belonging to Dayseaday. Bonesca has a capacity of 2,000 pallets at this site and also conducts its order picking activities in one of the halls on Schulpengat Street.
Every year, the company trades approximately 8.5 million kilograms of fish, which generated turnover of €23 million in 2020.